Risk Management

Risk Management and the Code of Ethics for Lawyers

Attorney professional responsibility is one of the more important components involved with running a firm. When the men and women who work for you follow the appropriate code of ethics for lawyers at all times, it can make your life a lot easier. However, one who breaks from the rules or makes a mistake that violates these codes can put your entire establishment in a very precarious position. This is why you must hold your team accountable at all times for how each person behaves while practicing law.

Basic Conduct

There are several ways to go about establishing protocol for attorney risk management. First, it can be crucial to make sure each member of your team is familiar with the code of conduct established by the specific state your business operates within. Each state has different rules for conduct, so ensuring each person is on the same page is important for your peace of mind. Naturally, some rules will come up in all states. For example, confidentiality is always a huge concern. Other points that tend to appear in the code of conduct include:

  • Protecting sensitive information of clients and firm
  • Performing with utmost competence
  • Exercising excellent and professional judgment

Develop a Strategy

When all of the people who work for your firm follow the rules, your life is a lot easier. Take time to establish a strategy and keep everyone on the same page at all times.