Risks of the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry isn’t all glitz and glamour of high-end productions. There are serious risks that could undermine your company’s success. However, an entertainment insurance policy can help you recover from any setbacks you may face. Read on below to learn a little bit more about these risks and how adequate coverage could help.

Talent Safety

Your production relies on the health and well-being of your cast members. What if a cast member falls on stage and tears a ligament? What if a light falls on someone performing? 

These serious injuries may require ample recovery time. Your business could be responsible for talent recovery costs. What if production gets delayed because of these injuries? Entertainment insurance can help cover these costs. This way, your company doesn’t suffer from delays. 

General Liability

Your set could set up the scene for many risks. What if a negligent crew member runs a fleet truck into the props? Maybe someone causes the electricity to short circuit. Damages can happen, and you could be held liable for property damage as well as personal injury. 

There are so many scenarios to consider, depending on the scope of your production. Being prepared with entertainment insurance can help you mitigate these issues whenever they arise.