Smart Insurance Policies

Smart Insurance Policies for Small and Medium Businesses

For the owner of a small or medium-sized business, it’s important to purchase a business insurance policy that addresses the many risks you face. Combining different policies into one comprehensive package is the most cost-effective solution.

Business Owner’s Insurance Policy

The BOP insurance policy is geared toward protecting your business against many risks. A standard package typically includes the three types of insurance listed below, but add-ons may be purchased to cover other concerns as well. It’s critical to thoroughly examine the risks your business faces and discuss those concerns with your insurance agent. That way, you will be able to determine the best coverage for your particular needs.

  • General liability – When a client or customer files a claim against your company due to damages or injuries, this policy will cover the legal fees and settlements.
  • Property – This policy protects against damages to your property, including the building, equipment and inventory.
  • Business interruption – This insurance protects when a devastating event, such as a fire or weather-related issue, force you to disrupt operations for a while. The policy will cover a number of issues, including operating expenses and the costs involved in a temporary move. It also reimburses for lost profits and loan payments.

The BOP insurance policy is a smart way for the small business owner to keep costs down while protecting their investment.