Top Questions to Ask When Shopping for the Best Classic Car Insurance

For classic car owners, a vehicle is more than a means of transportation. It’s a preservation of history. Many owners spend great amounts of time, money and care to maintain the beauty of yesteryear for generations to come. Likewise, owners should also take care in finding the best classic car insurance. Here are a few questions to ask when shopping for collectible car coverage:

Does the Policy Cover the Agreed Value of Your Classic Car?

Some collectible automobile owners combine their primary driving vehicle and classic car under the same policy. While that may seem like a convenient way to get adequate coverage, however, in the event of a total loss, you’ll want a policy that covers the agreed value of your classic car. That means it would cover the total cost of replacing your car, including any investment made toward restoring the automobile.

Does the Policy Include Mileage Allowance or Seasonal Driving Restrictions?

Probably the one thing that tops the joy of owning a classic car is the thrill of driving it. Classic car insurance policies in general include a 5,000 miles annual driving allowance. However, you may want a policy that doesn’t impose a driving cap or offers a credit for the winter months when youUre likely not driving your car.

You want a policy that you’re in love with as much as with your classic car. These questions can help you find the best classic car insurance for your needs.