Steps To Take After Your Dog Bites Someone

Even the most well-behaved dog may go rogue. When under duress, you may find that your dog bites someone. In these circumstances, don’t panic. Keep the following steps in mind. 

Attend To the Victim

Immediately after a dog bite, you make sure the victim is stable. Separate them from your dog. Try and remain as calm as possible. 

Attend to any wounds they may have. If the bite looks severe, seek medical assistance. 

Gather Information

You should get the name and contact information of the victim. You should also gather information from anyone who witnessed the bite. Have a good base of information that includes what occurred, where it happened, and when it took place.  

The Next Steps

You may face legal consequences depending on several factors. The severity of the bite could cause the victim to spend time and money on rehabilitation. They may file a personal injury claim. 

As another example, your legal responsibility could also depend on where you live. Stay up to date on state and local ordinances. Even being a part of an HOA could mean liability on your behalf.

In addition to staying up to date on local laws, consider having adequate insurance coverage. You could avoid costly claims and legal fees should you find yourself responsible.