Supply chain insurance programs

What Does Supply Chain Insurance Cover?

Supply chain insurance programs protect businesses with global supply chains against common losses that incur during their regular operations. The right policy can save your company both time and headaches. Here are just a few types of insurance available to your distribution business.

Project Cargo

Transporting project and oversized cargo can be a complicated process. If something goes wrong, your shipment may arrive late or damaged. You may get stuck re-fabricating the cargo and beginning the shipping process all over again, thus racking up materials and labor costs. Supply chain insurance programs can cover the costs associated with these mishaps, including loss of profits.

Worldwide Marine Cargo

Your supply chain may involve, rail, air, truck, and ocean travel. Each method of transportation brings a new opportunity for error, including collision, rough handling, theft, and non-delivery. Marine cargo insurance covers your goods from the moment they leave your property to the moment they arrive at their final destination.


Warehouses are generally liable for any damage or loss that occurs while cargo is in their care. Warehouse liability insurance will pay attorney’s fees and settlement payments in the event that a warehouse operator is sued by a client.

Supply chain insurance programs can be customized to address a business’s unique needs. A knowledgeable insurance provider can help you create the policy that works for you.