Does Your Staffing Firm Have Enough Professional Liability Protection?

Professional Liability Protection

Staffing companies occupy a unique niche that requires smart insurance solutions. As the primary employer of the work force you send out to your clients, you have liability with regard to employee protection, but do you have professional liability in the same way a direct employer does? The short answer is not so short, because you do have professional liability to cover, but it’s shared with the client in some areas and possibly liability with regard to the client in others, depending on the exact situation under discussion. Since professional liability insurance for staffing firms can be so hard to generalize, it’s a good idea to check out what tailored coverage would look like for your business.

Professional Liability Coverage vs. General Liability Insurance

Your general liability policy probably covers professional liability to an extent, but the policy maximum is a combined maximum across all the areas of liability it covers. As a result, an excessive claim in one area could max out the whole plan. Some coverage gets around this by having caps in each area as well as an overall maximum, but that doesn’t solve the problem if your issue is exposure beyond the value of the insurance. Since buying more general liability coverage for one area of protection is very cost-inefficient, professional liability protection offers additional coverage in this area. It doesn’t replace general liability protection, it works with it to make sure you’re fully insured.

Protect Your Marina With the Best Coverage

PWC Insurance

Running a marina can be a fun and rewarding experience. Of course, to keep your business successful it is important that you focus on protecting your company. A business that specializes in renting jet skis and other personal watercraft will need to take extra steps in order to find appropriate insurance coverage. Whether you own a yacht club or a dock, proper jet ski insurance will make all the difference for your company’s future.

Specific to Your Industry

The experts at Merrimac Marine Insurance have reported that there are often a number of factors involves insuring an establishment that specializes in the renting of personal watercraft. A business of this nature might rent out jet skis as well as house a restaurant, provide space for boats to dock, and a number of other services. This means that you need a comprehensive type of insurance that will cover all aspects of your company’s operations. Common areas to look at with insurance include:

  • Hull coverage
  • General liability
  • Watercraft coverage

Avoid Fines and Fees

Because some of your business is conducted on navigable waters, you must also adhere to a number of strict regulations. Proper insurance will keep your company covered in an array of industry-specific situations.

Finding appropriate coverage for your business is a must. Explore policies geared toward your type of work and it can make a huge difference toward your future.

NEMT Insurance 101

non emergency medical transportation insurance

Non emergency medical transportation companies provide a vital service to the elderly, disabled and others who require the service. These services offer transportation for those who cannot ride fixed-route transportation or may need help going to and from medical appointments. In all businesses there are risks, but non emergency medical transportation insurance offers specialized coverages that tailor to your business. Here is what you need to know.

Basic Insurance Coverages

In the NEMT business, there are a few common coverages that most companies should look for. These coverages include:

Professional liability
General liability
Cyber liability
Employment practices liability
Commercial auto

While there may be other policies that would benefit your business, these are the ones that you don’t want to be caught without.

Basic Insurance Process

As you shop for insurance, it’s important to look out for the policies that will suit your business the most. In addition, make sure that you pay attention to cost and exclusions. For instance, exclusions are anything that the carrier will not cover. For instance, many have exclusions that will not cover you if your company faces a sexual harassment lawsuit.

When it comes to your NEMT business, you have to have the proper protection for your business to thrive. Non emergency medical transportation insurance is a collection of policies designed to help NEMT companies.

Two Key Liability Coverages To Keep Your Staffing Firm Protected

staffing agency insurance

Having the right staffing agency insurance is critical to your success and peace of mind. With your actions impacting both your contractors and clients (and vice versa) you want to make sure all your bases are covered in case something goes wrong. In terms of liability insurance, here are two of the top coverages that you should plan to include in your policy.

General Liability

General liability is one of the most popular forms of business insurance for any industry because it protects against many of the everyday issues that come up when running a business. For staffing firms, it offers protection for lawsuits arising from injuries on your premises to claims of copyright infringement. No matter the reason, your policy will cover any expenses related to a lawsuit.

Professional Liability

As a staffing agency, it’s possible for the contractor you hire and your client to be unsatisfied with your performance. The client may be unhappy with your inability to fulfill your contract and the contractor may feel misled about the role you hired them into. In either case, your policy will be there to cover your expenses should a lawsuit be filed.

There are several other forms of liability coverage needed to round out your staffing agency insurance policy. Working with an experienced agent can ensure that you can create a policy that’s just right for you.

Three Types of Commercial Truck Insurance Defined

trucking insurance

Signing up for trucking insurance can prove to be a challenge for new trucking companies. Although there are many options available, having the wrong or inadequate coverage can have a major financial impact on your company. To ensure that you’re properly covered, it’s recommended that you work with an experienced agent who understands your business needs and government regulations. In the meantime, here is a brief definition of three of the most important coverages that you should plan to include in your policy.

Cargo Insurance

Also known as motor truck cargo insurance, it protects you in case the freight you’re transporting becomes lost or damaged. There are several options for how this coverage can be structured, so you want to make sure the coverage you choose is appropriate for the cargo you’re carrying.

Truck Liability Insurance

Truck liability insurance is what protects you in case you’re the cause of an accident that leads to a third-party sustaining injury or property damage. It’s a required coverage at both the federal and state level and proof of coverage is required to be sent to them.

Physical Damage Truck Insurance

Physical damage truck insurance protects your truck and trailer against any damages. You can choose to obtain coverage against specific perils, or you can go with comprehensive coverage.

Other coverages like commercial property insurance, general liability trucking insurance, crime insurance, and commercial equipment insurance are also available. Work with an experienced agent to ensure that your trucking insurance policy appropriately meets your needs.

The Top 3 Benefits of Hospitality Insurance for Your Business

Hospitality Insurance for Your Business

The Top 3 Benefits of Hospitality Insurance for Your Business

The modern insurance field is complex and competitive. This is especially true when it comes to specialty arenas like hospitality insurance. Many business owners and managers can struggle when searching for affordable quality insurance to cover their employees, patrons and company operations. If you run a business in the hospitality industry, then a competent and flexible insurance company like RMS Hospitality Group can help alleviate your insurance concerns.

1. Personalized Plans Can Meet Your Needs

It can be narrow-minded to approach the unique field of hospitality with a one-size-fits-all approach to insurance. A high-quality insurance company like RMS Hospitality Group is capable of tailoring a plan to your standards, based upon the size of your business, the type of events you host and your location.

2. Experienced Brokers Can Help You

The hospitality industry today is fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming. By entering into a positive relationship with highly-rated and experienced professional brokers, you can trust in the quality of your insurance plans and focus on the rest of your business performance.

3. Wide Coverage Options Can Protect You

A variety of insurance options are available, specifically for the hospitality industry. These can include, but are not limited to:

• Assault and battery insurance

• General liability

• Liquor liability

If you would like to know more about what RMS Hospitality Group can do for you, contact us today!