What Is the Difference Between Umbrella and Excess Insurance?

Umbrella insurance

Businesses need a variety of liability insurance policies to cover their exposures. There are sometimes when you exceed the policy limit when a claim is settled. Understanding the differences between umbrella vs. excess liability policies can help you determine which is best for your business.

Key Difference

The experts at Byrnes Agency Insurance state that umbrella policies often offer additional coverages while excess liability provides higher limits yet follows the limits of the liability policy. Excess liability may have more limitations than the underlying liability policy. Umbrella insurance, on the other hand, can help fill in policy gaps.

Assess Risks

To choose the right policies to add to your insurance coverage, you need to assess your business risks. Where does the business have the most claims? Analyzing the risks can help you see where there are gaps in coverage.

Policy Choice

For a company with companies throughout the world, an umbrella policy may offer broader coverage for those increased liabilities. Some companies may need additional liability coverage only in specific areas for specific items. These companies can benefit from an excess policy with additional limitations. Choose the one that best addresses the business’ risks.

These differences between umbrella vs. excess insurance can make a difference for your business claims. The business may need one or both policies for full coverage.

How Do I Cover Subcontractor Liability?

Professional Liability Insurance

The construction industry features a variety of specialized tasks that come with specific risks. The general contractor uses various subcontractors to complete a project. The question often asked is: Are subcontractors covered under contractors’ insurance?


The experts at Huntersure state an accident caused by a subcontractor working on your project may not be covered under the contractor’s professional or general liability policy. Accidents can lead to body injuries and property damage. While the client may sue the subcontractor to recover the financial loss, they could also sue the general contractor for damages. Requiring subcontractors to carry their own liability insurance can help mitigate risks.


A job site has lots of moving pieces leaving room for mistakes to happen. Without an errors and omissions policy or professional liability policy, the contractor may be on the hook for those mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes may not show up for several months after the job completes. This means that a client may not sue until down the line. Insurance steps in to help cover a lawsuit as long as both the contractor and subcontractor have a policy.

The answer to the question are subcontractors covered under the contractor’s insurance is no. There may be some instances where the subcontractor may have limited coverage, but generally, the subcontractor should have their own liability insurance policies in place.

Making Sure Your Event is Ready for Everything

one day liability insurance for event

Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party or baby shower, you want your event to go without a hitch. Unfortunately, you can never fully plan for accidents and injuries during even the most seemingly safe occasion. That is why should consider investing in a policy called one day liability insurance for event. This type of coverage is specifically built around the specific needs of your type of event and can save you from having to pay large amounts out of pocket.

What is Liability Insurance?

If this is your first time into the world of liability insurance, then rest assured that it is a much easier topic to understand thank you may think. See, whenever there is an accident on any property or damage to any property someone is likely to be held responsible. This responsibility is especially crucial if this incident leads to a lawsuit. Liability policies help you deal with the expenses and payments involved with damages and injuries.

What Events Are Covered?

Under a one day liability insurance for event policy, many specials days can be protected. These events include weddings, bar mitzvahs, confirmations, family reunions, anniversaries or any type of celebration.
Now you can be prepared for any type of injury or damage a guest can sustain with this smart and convenient plan.