Temporary Staffing Insurance Can Lower the Stakes in Employee Placement

By placing workers in positions at various companies, temporary staffing agencies bear a certain amount of responsibility for the performance of those workers. Although the hiring company has the ultimate say in whether to take on a given worker or not, the representation of this worker on the part of the staffing agency has a strong ability to influence this decision. For this reason, staffing agencies are often held partially responsible if an employee makes a serious mistake that results in damages to the hiring company. Fortunately, temporary staffing insurance can lower the stakes for the agencies.


Insurance is a Must for Staffing Agencies


In many industries, employees can make mistakes that result in legal action. Because a temporary staffing agency is responsible for appropriately matching a job seeker’s experience level to a given position, the staffing agency may be partially liable for the job seeker’s errors and omissions if it can be shown that the individual’s qualifications were misrepresented. Temporary staffing insurance can help staffing agencies protect themselves from the costs associated with such legal battles.


An Industry of Guesswork


Matching a job seeker to a position is always a bit of a gamble. Job seekers are eager to exaggerate their skill set in order to achieve the best placement possible, and it can be difficult for staffing agencies to see through this misrepresentation. Temporary staffing insurance is the best way for agencies to protect themselves in the face of constant uncertainty within the industry.