club marine insurance policy

The Benefits of Insurance for Marinas and Yacht Clubs

Operating a marina means you need to put many precautionary measures in place. Your clients are placing the care of their luxury vessels in your hands. Should something happen to these boats while in your care, it can lead to some disastrous scenarios. This is where a club marine insurance policy can prove beneficial. Taking out the right plan can provide you with the comprehensive coverage you require to run your business effectively.

Basic Protections

The most important area of coverage for this type of plan revolves around liability and hull coverage. Any boats owned by the marina or rented to the marina by 3rd parties will be protected under this plan.

Additional Coverage

While liability is one of the more important aspects of a club marine insurance policy, there are additional benefits to consider.

This type of plan also tends to cover the following areas:

Chartering services
Property owned by members of the club
Liability during regattas and similar events
Training for sailing school for individuals who qualify

Special Options

While this coverage can be quite comprehensive, you may also want to speak to an agent from your provider to get a better feel for the other options available to you. Depending on the unique needs of your marina, you may require extra protection.
There are plenty of reasons to consider a club marine insurance policy. Learn more about this coverage to see which plan is appropriate for your needs.