Three Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance Premium

Many people feel that auto insurance rates are simply something beyond their control. Fortunately, with a better understanding of the factors that affect your auto insurance premium, you will recognize that you have more control over the total cost than you initially realized.


Here are three factors that affect your auto insurance in Orlando FL premium:


1. Specific Coverage and Deductibles


The type of coverage and deductible you select for your auto insurance policy greatly affects how much you will pay each month. To help reduce costs, find out what coverage is required by law in your state and then select a policy with only those types of coverage. You can also choose a higher deductible which typically results in a lower monthly premium.


2. Vehicle Selection


Most people know that specific vehicles cost more to insure. Insurance companies use data collected from customer claims and vehicle safety ratings to determine which vehicles are simply safer to drive. Some vehicles are also more susceptible to theft and make them more expensive to insure. Do some research to find out how your vehicle compares in terms of safety and theft.


3. Driving Record


Your driving record also affects how much your monthly auto insurance in Orlando FLĀ premium will be. Drivers who have a history of causing accidents pay more each month than drivers with a clean record. Help keep your auto insurance costs down by driving safe and alert at all times.


Now that you know three basic factors that affect auto insurance in Orlando FLĀ premiums, take charge of your expenses. Choose a policy that meets the basic coverage requirements, select a vehicle that is safe and less likely to be stolen, and maintain a safe driving record.