Three Special Coverage Needs in Insurance for Rehabilitation Centers

Centers that treat mental illness and substance abuse are exposed to risks particular to the behavioral healthcare industry. Whether you provide inpatient or outpatient care, there are areas of coverage specific to the job that should be addressed in order to secure more complete protection against claims. Here are three major factors to consider when purchasing insurance for rehabilitation centers:


  1. Professional Liability


Professional liability insurance protects your company when claims are filed due to the alleged malpractice or negligence of workers that purportedly caused injury or harm to a patient. Defense costs can be high regardless of the outcome of the suit.


  1. Data Breach


Rehabilitation centers store large amounts of confidential information, and a breach of security would expose the organization to possible lawsuits. Crime coverage along with data/cyber protection can provide a better safeguard against the financial burden of claims.


  1. Fundraiser Event Coverage


If your organization depends upon contributions to any extent, fundraisers may be an important source of income. General liability coverage should be extended to events to keep a money-raising occasion from becoming a financial disaster. The actions of employees and volunteers, safety of workers and participants, and the property of the host should all be protected.


Complete Insurance Protection


To secure continuous operation of important facilities, insurance for rehabilitation centers should include a complete package of coverage, preferably from an agency that specializes in behavioral healthcare.