Three Types of Linen Supply Company Insurance

Whether you run a small family run dry cleaner with one location or a big operation with many stores, it is essential to have the right amount of linen supply companies insurance. A good mix of different policies for your dry cleaning business can ensure appropriate coverage.


Equipment Break Down Insurance


A dry cleaning business frequently uses different types of equipment for all the clothes it handles. If they are not working properly, or breakdown altogether, it can result in the loss of revenue. Dry cleaning equipment can be expensive and time consuming to repair, and may also damage a customer’s clothes if it is malfunctioning


Medical Payments Coverage


A dry cleaning business frequently uses different types of machines for all the clothes it handles. These machines can potentially harm and injury the workers who operate them. Having appropriate medical payments coverage can help ensure there is enough money to pay for expenses in the event someone is injured operating a dry cleaning machine.


Business Interruption Insurance


A dry cleaner’s is susceptible to business interruptions, just like any other business. Fire, power surges, plumbing problems, and weather related events all things that may impact a business’s everyday operations.


These are three types of linen supply companies insurance policies that are advisable for businesses in the industry to carry. They can help ensure a proper coverage and provide piece for the owners of these businesses.