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Two Key Liability Coverages To Keep Your Staffing Firm Protected

Having the right staffing agency insurance is critical to your success and peace of mind. With your actions impacting both your contractors and clients (and vice versa) you want to make sure all your bases are covered in case something goes wrong. In terms of liability insurance, here are two of the top coverages that you should plan to include in your policy.

General Liability

General liability is one of the most popular forms of business insurance for any industry because it protects against many of the everyday issues that come up when running a business. For staffing firms, it offers protection for lawsuits arising from injuries on your premises to claims of copyright infringement. No matter the reason, your policy will cover any expenses related to a lawsuit.

Professional Liability

As a staffing agency, it’s possible for the contractor you hire and your client to be unsatisfied with your performance. The client may be unhappy with your inability to fulfill your contract and the contractor may feel misled about the role you hired them into. In either case, your policy will be there to cover your expenses should a lawsuit be filed.

There are several other forms of liability coverage needed to round out your staffing agency insurance policy. Working with an experienced agent can ensure that you can create a policy that’s just right for you.