Delaware Business Insurance

Two Types of Liability Insurance Your Company Should Not Be Without

Many people take for granted the services quality insurance companies provide. In some cases, they even see insurance providers as the strange, mysterious enemy in a bizarre conspiracy drama. In the world of business, though, corporate leaders recognize the significant protections insurance companies provide and the innovative products they develop. In Delaware, business insurance is often packaged to meet a variety of concerns from pollution liability to employment practice liability .

In the congested New England area, the value of pollution insurance is particularly recognizable. Many processes that help improve lives and are necessary to the creation of quality products may create byproducts potentially dangerous to the environment. While companies operate within specific parameters concerning pollutants, there is always the possibility some circumstance would make them further liable. Pollution insurance offsets the damages that the company will face should a spill or other environmentally dangerous circumstance arise.

While the murky waters of industrial manufacturing present a problem for businesses, employee/employer communications may also present one. In order to avoid many of the costly results accidentally improper hiring practices may produce, Delaware business insurance providers offer employee practice liability insurance. (ELPI) ELPI covers the costs associated with poor practice lawsuits, such as those focused on sexual harassment, discrimination, and improper firing. These two insurance products are necessities for any company served by an employee workforce.