Types of Vendor Management Systems

There are many different types of vendor management systems to suit the staffing needs of a wide variety of different businesses. Each type of system has special insurance needs that the business owner ought to understand to ensure that his or her staffing agency is insured as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. These are the different types of major vendor management systems into which mist staffing services fit.


Vendor on Premise


A VOP works directly on site for its client, sourcing labor from its own pool, within the pool of employees made available by the company, or occasionally from competing companies. This type of system works closely with their clients, using facilities provided by the client.


Staffing Company


A staffing company is a third-party business that takes staffing orders from clients and fills them with employees from their labor pool. Staffing companies do not provide in depth services like VOPs, but they are often able to fill many empty positions quickly.


Managed Service Provider


A managed service provider measures the effectiveness of a given vendor management system. They usually do not recruit staff themselves, but do their best to match up clients with the most effective vendors for their needs. An MSP is able to weigh a clients needs against the services provided by a number of different vendors.


Make sure your vendor management systems are adequately insured with the proper staffing insurance.