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Warehouse Lifting Safety Guidelines

Improperly lifting heavy items can cause workplace injuries. In fact, about 1/5 of all worker’s compensation claims are because of improper lifting. Here’s how to safely lift in warehouses.

Lifting Techniques

To lessen injuries due to lifting, your business needs to post lifting techniques in several places around the warehouse to remind employees. Educating them can also help reduce lifting injuries. Here’s how to properly lift:

Straighten the back
Bend from the knees
Squat down
Lift from the legs, not the back
Practice often
Lessen Injuries

Having workers compensation insurance with hilb group helps your employees get the medical care they need following an injury. However, if you can prevent those injuries ahead of time, everyone wins. By using the power of the legs to lift objects, there is less pressure exerted on the spine. Take advantage of the largest muscle group in the body by squatting which engages the butt. Another way to lessen injuries is to change how you store objects within the warehouse. Store heavy objects on shelves around waist height. Have employees use carts, dollies, and forklifts for moving larger objects and transporting them.
Educate your employees on how to safely lift in warehouses to lower your workers’ compensation claims and keep them healthier. These tips should be part of your risk management plan.