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What Happens When an Employee Wreaks the Company Car?

When an individual has a car accident, the person’s personal auto insurance policy kicks in. However, if that same person is driving the company vehicle, who pays? Worldwide insurance has both hired and non owned insurance and commercial auto insurance. The differences between the policies are important.

Personal Auto

If an employee is off the clock and driving their own vehicle, their auto insurance covers them. They can be in a fender bender and their insurance covers those liabilities. However, it may not cover if they are running a business errand.

Hired Non-Owned

The trickiest auto liability to keep track of is when an employee drives the business client’s vehicle. The client’s commercial auto policy doesn’t click in because the employee technically still works for the staffing company. Hired and non owned auto insurance steps in to fill these liability gaps.

Commercial Auto

An employee who drives the staffing company’s vehicle, the staffing firm’s commercial liability policy should be used. The insurance protects the firm’s financial assets when the employee damages the vehicle or injuries a person in an auto accident.

Worldwide insurance offers insurance geared for the staffing industry. Make sure you and your employees are covered in the event of a vehicle accident with the right policies. Car accidents happen suddenly, make sure you have the right coverage.