What Is Products and Completed Operations Coverage?

When it comes to liability, restaurant owners have just cause to be concerned. Serving food can be a dangerous business venture when you consider risks such as food poisoning, food allergies or other adverse reactions. While general liability can cover you if a patron becomes sick while in your restaurant, most food-borne illnesses present themselves hours later after the customer has left the building. To amply protect yourself in case the connection of illness is drawn back to your restaurant, you need a special type of policy that covers products completed operations.

Completed operations extends coverage beyond the point where your business with the customer has concluded, and product coverage will protect you in any instance of bad reaction to your product. Combined, this policy is tailor made to help you if someone contracts food poisoning after dining in your restaurant. Expensive lawsuits can leave you with almost nothing and may even force you to close your business altogether. Having proper liability coverage can ensure that your business stays financially healthy and your doors stay open.

This type of coverage is ideal for more than just restaurants, however. Any type of business that provides hospitality for its customers could be at risk of receiving complaints after service has been completed. Products completed operations insurance will make sure that no liability is excluded and your business is safe.