What to Add to an Employee Benefits Package

If you want to attract employees who are skilled in their jobs, personable and who will be true assets to your company, you need to give them something that makes them want to work for you. For this reason, creating an employee benefits package is a crucial part of your hiring process. A solid package will include vacation time, sick days, maternity or paternity leave and affordable insurance, which an Orange insurance company can provide.

Determining vacation time, sick days and leave to have a baby are relatively simple in comparison to deciding on insurance policies. Typically, you will offer either a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan or a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan. HMOs are more common among small business owners, and PPOs, which are more expensive for the employer, are more common in large corporations. You might also consider a high-deductible plan, which many companies with young employees are choosing since they are less likely to require ongoing health care. When deciding on an insurance plan, take care to include dental and vision insurance in addition to a basic health care plan. An Orange insurance agent will be able to help you determine which employee insurance plans will work for your company and employees based on average ages and industry-related risk factors.