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What to Expect From Course of Construction Insurance

Any type of construction project comes with its own set of risks and dangers. As the owner or contractor, you need to ensure that you are properly protected while the work is being completed. The course of Construction (COC) insurance can help you accomplish your goals. Here is what you can expect from this insurance policy.

The Risks

COC insurance covers many of the risks that you might face during a construction project. Some of these dangers include:
Severe weather (e.g. hail, thunder, windstorm)
Theft or burglary
When you are properly insured, you no longer have to worry about these threats. Be sure to carefully look over your policy to understand the types of dangers that will be covered.

Testing Coverage

To ensure that your project is executed successfully, it’s necessary to test various parts of the building while it’s still being built. However, the experts at SB One Insurance Agency state that any kind of malfunction that might occur with the equipment could put you at risk. COC insurance provides you with the coverage you need in this situation.

Property Coverage

Whether your construction site has been struck by vandalism or fire, the right insurance policy can keep you protected. However, not all losses are covered by most insurance policies. It’s important to know exactly what is outlined in your policy so that you are well prepared.