What to Expect When Applying for Life Insurance

It is becoming more common for younger generations to neglect life insurance as part of their financial plan. Some believe that they won’t qualify or that it will be too expensive. While all concerns are valid, it is important to understand that most people do qualify for life insurance and there are many of options available for a variety of budgets.

Life insurance providers determine qualification through a series of simple and straightforward health history questions and tests. You will be asked about family history of diseases, risky hobbies you engage in and other lifestyle factors such as exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption and drug use. You will receive a limited physical evaluation that includes the measurement of your height and weight, a blood pressure reading, a check of your heart sounds, and a blood and urine sample.

You will also be asked about your income and assets. These questions determine the amount of coverage you will be approved for. Life insurance is designed to replace your income and defray any costs that a beneficiary will assume upon your death, so you will be approved for an amount relative to your total financial value. National Catholic Society of Foresters life insurance quotes are available for face value amounts up to $4 million. You can select how often you pay premiums and how much coverage is appropriate for you specific circumstance.