Group Disability Protection

What You Should Know About Group Disability Protection

Life is unpredictable for both individuals and businesses alike. Owners such as yourself understand the need for insurance policies that cover the way you conduct your operations. These coverages help you manage the risk that’s inherent to the way you work. Similarly, individuals need various types of insurance to help cover the risks that come with living. Many employees enjoy the benefits of having employer-subsidized products such as health and life insurance. Now you have an opportunity to further support your employees with group disability coverage.

Understanding Group Disability Protection

Paid time off (PTO) or sick leave may be sufficient for a worker that has the flu, but what about an injury that requires several weeks of recovery and healing? Disability insurance helps cover workers who are unable to work due to a disability. Where workers’ compensation and other coverages come up short, disability insurance can help with expenses and interruption in employment. You can partner with a provider to make group disability insurance available to your employees in a plan that is both affordable and convenient.

Knowing That It’s a Group Thing

Your employees look to you to be a responsible employer and it’s incumbent upon you to purchase protections that cover your business for various damages and loss. Offering medical and group disability insurance plans underscores your commitment to your workers. Choose an insurer that can help you find a plan that works.