What’s Covered By Microbrewery Liability Insurance?

Microbreweries, gastropubs, and other restaurants that double as social and entertainment hubs are poised to make an incredible comeback in the wake of the global pandemic. As the crowds gather and business booms, protecting your company from financial liability for accidents becomes very important. The right microbrewery liability insurance simplifies the process of finding that protection by streamlining your various liability protections into a single policy that is tailored to your operation.

Comprehensive Liability Coverage Areas

Microbreweries, pubs, and other businesses that serve food and adult beverages need the same standard business insurance coverage as other restaurants and venues open to the public, so it all starts with the right general liability coverage quote. From there, extended protection in areas like public liability can be added to suit the volume of business and maximum crowd size at the venue. You can also add industry-specific coverages like:

  • Entertainment liability insurance for venues with stages or dance floor facilities
  • Professional liability coverage for businesses that serve alcohol
  • Commercial liability coverage for any delivery vehicles owned by the company
  • Additional miscellaneous liability protections as needed to customize the coverage for your microbrewery

Microbrewery liability insurance probably won’t be the only policy you need, but it can take care of one major area of coverage, and a complex one at that. From there, it’s easy to add the property protection, business risk, and other policies you need to fully protect your business.