wholesale hospice liability insurance

Wholesale Insurance Covers Many Different Hospice Facilities

If you run a hospice facility, you know you need special insurance coverage. Many administrators look for wholesale hospice liability insurance to save on overhead expenses. After all, you have facility and personnel costs, as well as expenses unique to your special industry, and you need to save operating capital where you can. When you secure your insurance through a wholesale broker, the agent may be able to get you plenty of coverage without breaking your deductible bank, so to speak. After all, just because your business requires specialized policies doesn’t mean you should have to pay extra in the event you must file a claim.

The question may be can you find wholesale hospice liability insurance for your facility. You don’t run an actual nursing home. Rather, you provide licensed nurses for in-home care. Yes, home health care providers can secure wholesale policies for their business and nurses. Other qualified hospice providers include personal care service business, support service business, companies that supply durable medical equipment, medical staffing agencies, visiting nursing associations and, of course, actual hospices. If you administrate one of these businesses, you should be able to find a wholesale agent with policies right for you. If your business is something different but still works in hospice care, contact an agent anyway. They may be able to help you.