Why Pot Gummies are so Popular

Whether you prefer cannabis only or a combination of THC and cannabis, you have plenty of different options for products.

Popularity of Cannabis

Cannabis has become so popular that it can be found in almost any form or product these days.

  • You can buy cannabis bath bombs.
  • You can make cookies with cannabis butter.
  • You can wear cannabis-infused cosmetic products.
  • You can eat a delicious donut. Portland, Oregon’s famous donut shop, Blue Star, now offers a chocolate hazelnut donut that contains 10 mg of cannabis.

With so many products available it can be hard to choose one. However, there’s a reason that cannabis gummies are so popular and readily available on sites such as

Why People Prefer Edibles

Edible is a common term used in the marijuana industry. Candies are one of the most popular forms of edibles, along with cookies. Cannabis in its purest form is generally not considered especially tasty. If you need to consume large quantities it can be off-putting, but if those large quantities are mixed into a chocolate truffle or a raspberry cannabis gummy it can be a more enjoyable experience. If you want edibles that also contain THC so you can experience a psychoactive effect, edibles are known to cause a much more intense experience – which many people enjoy.