Why Product Liability Matters To Cannabis Producers

In every area of production, product liability is a major concern. It doesn’t matter if you’re producing snack food, automobiles, or cannabis edibles, you have risks associated with the possible pitfalls that consumers could encounter based on shoddy workmanship or handling before their purchase. That includes contamination and risk of sickness for food products. For cannabis companies focused on smoking or vaping, it can also include long-term medical harm related to impurities or contaminants during the packaging, growing, or storage of bulk products.

Coverage To Suit Your Company

Cannabis product liability needs to be built to suit the individual needs of the companies buying coverage, just as any other manufacturing product liability policy would. Finding an insurance provider who understands your industry well enough to fully predict those risks as they draft a policy is a key to making sure you can get exactly what you need for coverage, without having to settle for over-insuring in some areas or under-insuring in others. It’s a best-fit approach that works individually for each customer, but you can only get it when you shop for an insurer who makes it their business to know yours. They’re out there for practically every industry, so don’t be afraid to keep looking until you find people who have anticipated the needs of an emerging cannabis marketplace.